So why chango? If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency app, you’re going to have a variety of options. Given how crowded the marketplace is, every app developer will yell into the heavens that their app is the end all be all of app, that no other app is ever going to be needed, just download now.

We’re not going to change the world overnight with chango. However, we do believe that we can disrupt the cryptocurrency market, especially in regards to apps. Further, we are confident that chango will play an important role in encouraging cryptocurrency adoption, which in turn could have a big impact on people’s’ lives and even the world at large.

Why are we so optimistic? We have coded chango from the base code up to address pressing problems and challenges in regards to cryptocurrency payment. We have also been working hard to make chango very easy to use. By doing so, we aim to spur future adoption of cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at some of chango’s best features.

The Master of “One”

There’s a saying that you can be the jack of all trades, but if so, you’ll be the expert of none. In our experience, many apps jump into the marketplace trying to be a jack of all trades. In the end, however, many apps struggle to excel even at their core functions.

That’s why chango started out with a stripped down approach. We focus on cryptopayments specifically. This focus informs everything we do and has helped us hone our efforts on key features.

No Need to Scan Publickeys

Cryptocurrencies are easy to use, in theory. In practice, there are often a lot of hassles, such as entering public keys just to send payments. chango changes that. There’s no need to deal with messy public keys. Adding people/parties to pay is easy. Soon, you’ll be able to add them right from your phonebook.

Easy to Send and Request Money

Many crypto apps allow you to send money. However, requesting money is a hassle, with few apps offering a simple requesting or invoice feature. Often, you have to send a message outside of the system, such as an email or text. This makes things messy. Fortunately, chango makes it easy to request payments.

Change Focuses On User Experience

Let’s wrap this up by highlighting the Chango team’s overarching philosophy: make things stupid easy and super intuitive for users. Our user interface is very easy to use. We’ve tested and refined our interface both by working with UI experts AND non-techie people.

By building such an intuitive cryptopayment app we aim to drive the further adoption of cyrptocurrencies in general. For example, with chango, splitting a taxi fare or restaurant bill will take just a few clicks. For cryptocurrencies, the jump from digital world to real world has been a bit tricky, but with chango the leap is much more managable.