It’s a brave new world in the realm of cryptocurrencies and it’s changing all the time.

While financial regulators are looking to create more rules around digital currencies, companies and institutions are investing more than ever in cryptocurrencies because they make sense in our world economy.

The exchange of currency needs to grow beyond borders and be made simple and easy for individuals to engage in financial transactions.

That’s where Chango comes in.

Created by tech innovator elunic and built on the Request Network with Ethereum, Chango is the app that will make digital financial transactions between friends as simple as sending an email.

Users will be able to:

  • Send and request funds from their contacts, quickly and easily.
  • Transact without entering 34 digit public keys: just enter an amount, a recipient and you’re done!
  • Share your Chango-ID with your friends through WhatsApp, Messenger and more.
  • Keep track of all transactions, completed and pending.

All protected and trusted, decentrally processed on the blockchain.

What can you expect from Chango in the future?

We’ll share with you the latest developments in cryptocurrency exchange in future blog posts, as well as some of the latest evolutions of the Chango app.

Do you want a sneak peek?

  • How about fingerprint authorizations and group payments?
  • How about easy ways to be split your taxi fare with your friends, intuitive UX and requests for payments, something other apps can’t do?

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it!

 We’re busy getting the new app ready for launch. Sign up if you want to receive it in BETA. Do you want more information? Check out our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and keep checking this blog!