“There’s an app for that” has become a euphemism for the simple fact that there seems to be an app for any given situation. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the app works well. Regardless with more than 2 million apps on both Apple and Google’s stores you can find an app for just about anything.

Yet we realized early on that while there are a lot of payment apps, none of them seemed to hit that sweet spot of making cryptocurrencies easy to use as actual currencies, while maintaining the benefits of the decentralized currencies. Sure, there are many great wallets, investment platforms, exchanges and others. However, even with the best apps, managing quick and simple payments between friends is often anything but quick and simple.

Chango is looking to change the market

By offering an app that is:

  • Easy as pie to use
  • Can quickly send payments to and among friends and family
  • Supports group payment and makes it easy to split checks
  • Offers multi-currency support for both alt-currencies and fiat
  • Safe and secure, with Pin and fingerprint validation (forthcoming)

By building this app we hope to accomplish several things. First, we want to build an app that is easy enough for anyone to use, even those who don’t dabble in cryptocurrencies. At the same time, we have been striving to build an app with enough value-added benefits and features to draw in even the savviest users.

What comes next?

Next, Chango aims to drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies. We believe this will benefit everyone. Bitcoin and other currencies are designed to be anti-inflationary. The currency itself is coded from the ground up to become more valuable over time as supply itself is tightly restricted and ultimately limited.

One way to encourage adoption is to encourage cryptocurrencies to become a de facto payment between friends. Life gets messy, and so to do the bills and IOU checklists. You realize you forgot your wallet, so a friend covers your dinner. Your sibling is in a tight spot and needs some cash before the next paycheck rolls around. Or maybe you’re running a small company and you need to be able to pay contractors on the fly.

Easy to use

Chango is going to make this easy. Already, Chango provides a simple and transparent transaction history and allows you to authorize payments in a PIN. You can send and request money quickly, and it’s easy to share your contact info with friends.

With our mainnet release, you’ll be able to simply add contacts from your phone list. Then you’ll be able to send payments with cryptocurrencies, fiat, and whatever else. Group payments will be a cinch. We’re going to add fingerprint security as well.

Of course, we’re just getting started. Our long-term aim is to make Chango a one-stop shop for managing payments among friends and associates and to encourage the continued adoption of cryptocurrencies.