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Why chango?

Why chango?

So why chango? If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency app, you’re going to have a variety of options. Given how crowded the marketplace is, every app developer will yell into the heavens that their app is the end all be all of app, that no other app is ever going to be needed, just download now. We’re not going to change the world overnight with chango. However, we do believe that we can disrupt the cryptocurrency market, especially in regards…

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chango Alpha Test

Give chango a try and apply for the Alpha Test

We’re happy to announce, that chango is now ready for the first public tests. While still in Alpha phase, we’re confident you will like the current state of the app just as much as we do. Throughout the following weeks we will slowly invite more and more testers to prepare for the Mainnet Beta. For the first slots, we are looking for motivated people who are willing to test the app together with friends and give feedback. So you want…

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chango vision 2018

Vision 2018: What chango Plans to Accomplish in the Months Ahead

2018 is shaping up to be a big year for chango. Our team has been working hard to craft a cryptopayment system that is easy-to-use, secure, and encourages the further adoption of digital currencies. While we’ve come a long way, we also recognize that our journey is far from over. However, 2018 is going to shape things to come. Is a piece of software ever truly finished, or does it continue to evolve indefinitely? Software that remains useful will usually…

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Takeout Chango

Testing CHANGO’s User Experience… With Takeout

With our goal of making cryptocurrency as ubiquitous as Euros, Dollars and Yen, the technical testing of the app is only part of the larger effort. We also want to make sure that a regular user would find it intuitive and logical. We needed to test the app’s usability in everyday scenarios, and what better way for a group of developers to do that than by ordering takeout! After all, for most app developers —or any tech team, really—long hours…

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Chango Features

So What’s Chango About? Diving Into Features and Benefits

“There’s an app for that” has become a euphemism for the simple fact that there seems to be an app for any given situation. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the app works well. Regardless with more than 2 million apps on both Apple and Google’s stores you can find an app for just about anything. Yet we realized early on that while there are a lot of payment apps, none of them seemed to hit that sweet spot of…

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Welcome to Chango!

It’s a brave new world in the realm of cryptocurrencies and it’s changing all the time. While financial regulators are looking to create more rules around digital currencies, companies and institutions are investing more than ever in cryptocurrencies because they make sense in our world economy. The exchange of currency needs to grow beyond borders and be made simple and easy for individuals to engage in financial transactions. That’s where Chango comes in. Created by tech innovator elunic and built on…

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